Chris Tyrrell
Founder of OfferBoard

“Joy is a joy. That sounds trite, but the more you work with her, the more you realize how apt her appellation is. She is a fantastic ally to work with in finance, PR, advocacy, governance and leadership.

I have seen Joy masterfully manage events — from SXSW VIP parties with all the right people, to leadership events at the US Capitol, to strategic group discussions. I served with Joy on the board of an advocacy organization that had a significant impact on federal regulations over capital formation, an impact that was enhanced by her service. We also retained the firm Joy founded and lead to help us with strategy and messaging around our launch. and generate sustained media attention for my last company, OfferBoard, which has since been acquired. Joy helped make us an attractive brand for acquisition.

Joy is a relationship wizard who doesn’t just bring her extensive network of quality relationships in media, politics, finance and strategy to the table; she amplifies the impact of that network by adroitly building marketing and communications systems around them. Her PR impact per dollar spent is second to none. Joy can help position you as an industry leader, or increase your visibility and prominence if you are already leading. Wherever you are on that journey, you’ll be further ahead in a shorter period of time if you work with Joy. Her impact is something few can match.

Joy is also a person of genuine goodwill. She is fair, empathetic, and unflappable. She is a straight shooter in an industry of spinmeisters. When she calls with a recommended connection or opportunity for visibility and impact, it’s always been meaningful and valuable. In short, hire Joy and you get: more relationships, more earned media, greater event impact, better strategic and tactical outcomes. “

Peter Kirby
Founder and CEO Factom

Joy was a delight to work with. She helped us craft the story of our brand and our company from the early days. Joy helped place articles in amazing publications like the Economist and Forbes. She introduced us to conferences, investors, and speaking engagements. And she did it all with her own unique blend of patience, empathy, and encouragement. We were lucky to find her at a pivotal moment for our company and with her help we grew Factom to a $600M+ Market Value.

Scott Picken
CEO and founder of wild migrate

Chris Valentine
Event Producer of SXSW & CEO/Founder of Adeo InterActive

“Joy Schoffler is the consummate professional and I have had the honor of working with her over many years. As a Board member at the SXSW, AARP, INVENTURES, and many more, she has leverage her expansive network which has enhanced the event contribution greatly. Joy is a world class leader that brings together innovators, stakeholders, and the investment community around disruptions that push the technology envelope.  I truly appreciate Joy’s care, dedication and determination to any project we work on and can highly recommend her.”